Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Father of Psychoanalysis Article

Although not an instant bestseller (it later became one), what did Freud’s ‘The Interpretation of Dreams’ do for society?

His work swept away old views of how the mind works and brought new insights into mental illness.
What was his basic idea about dreams?
That nothing is accidental. Everything has a meaning.

How did the Victorian society in which he lived influence the development of his theories?
The Victorian period was waning, sex was back in vogue.

How did the events of WW1 influence his theories?
WWI put a focus on aggression. It allowed him to analyze history, religion and art, morality and politics.
In what way(s) was Freud androcentric (focus on male development)?
In the 1970s, Freud came up with an idea such as his theory that women are destined to be unhappy because they lack the physical apparatus of males. (Penis-envy)

How were Freud’s theories later seen as beneficial to women?
Most of Freud theories may focus on men, however, he was the first one to talk about the sexuality of women. He didn’t fully understand it but he acknowledged it.

Write a personal reflection on this article.
Some ideas:
- How do you feel about Freud?
Freud analysis common sense; I believe his drug addiction caused his mind to act this way. His theories are interesting but can not be scientifically proved. Freud is someone I can turn to when I need an answer to a random question.
- Do you agree or disagree with him/his theories?
I agree with some of his theories. One man cannot analyze a whole population.
- How important was he on the development of psychology?
I find it important because he brings human closer together. Few people tend to study one self, but Freud opened and introduced this theory.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Best of the Century.

Best of the Century.
What do you think are the 5 most important developments and Why?

The way human thinks, the new behaviors they achieve, the way their minds work changes within a century. New ideas and breakthroughs of psychology developed within this century have shaped the humans’ minds. Such developments are listed below:

I. The breakthrough by Ellen Langer, April 1982. Ellen Langer demonstrated that the power of mindfulness or in other words, by thinking—just thinking--may help you live a longer, healthier, and more productive life. "The ultimate harm of mindlessness is that it may shorten one's life span. In several investigations, we created situations that allowed nursing-home residents to be more mindful, to engage in active decision making, and we gave each one a plant for which he was responsible. We found that significantly fewer of the mindful residents had died--in one study, 14% compared with 47%.”

Nita’s Opinion: Depression is increasing among the older society. The following generation will soon develop depression because of the need for attention the older society is putting upon them. I believe Langer’s breakthrough is very significance because it teaches all societies to learn how to control their own minds and make use of it. The elderly doesn’t have to rely on medication to cure their sickness. This theory will also give the elderly more strength and motivation to live when they know they can cure themselves.

II. The second breakthrough, by Matina Homer, November 1969. Matina Homer helped clarify sex roles in the modern era through the comparison of two college students of the opposite sex.

"Consider Phil and Monica, both honor students. We ask Phil to tell us a story based on this situation: After first term finals, a student named John finds himself at the top of his medical school class. Phil responds: 'John is a conscientious student and pleased with himself. He has always wanted to go into medicine... He continues working hard and eventually graduates at the top of his class.' We present Monica with the same situation, but with a female protagonist named 'Ann.' Monica writes: 'Ann starts proclaiming her surprise and joy. Her fellow classmates are so disgusted with her behavior that they jump on her and beat her. She is maimed for life.”

Nita’s Opinion: The majority of the world may believe that sexism had vanished. However, symptoms of sexism are still spread among societies worldwide. This theory should be taken in consideration among all generations. Women’s motive to be successful should not be put down. The treatment and attention received by women’s success should be awarded identically to men. We both are human; we both are responsible for lives. It is unfair and unethical to have such behaviors between women and men.

III. Harry F. Harlow, April 1973. His research with monkeys showed that there are sex differences among them. “Young female and male monkeys respond differently to infants: Males become either indifferent or mildly abusive, whereas females love the infants immediately.”-Harlow

Such behaviors can be related to human.

Nita’s Opinion: An old Thai saying once said, “If a child looses his father the child had lost his father; but if a child looses his/her mother, he has lost both of his parents.” The reason this theory is important because it should make fathers realize and understand the importance of a baby’s mother. This theory should be taught among new parents, showing the needs of a baby for his/her mother. Also, it should make the new mothers realize their need for their babies; this may reduce the number of abortion or the allowance of baby adoptions.

IV. The breakthrough by Elizabeth F. Loftus, February 1986. Elizabeth F.Loftus, a pioneer in memory research, showed how eyewitness testimony is unreliable, and how false memories can be put within both children and adults’ minds. Her work made a huge impact among defense teams and courts worldwide.

"One of the reasons jurors place so much faith in eyewitness testimony is that we are unaware of how many factors influence its accuracy: what questions witnesses are asked by police and how the questions are phrased; the difficulty people have in distinguishing among people of other races; whether witnesses have seen photos of suspects before viewing the lineup; the size, composition type (live or photo) of the lineup itself."

Nita’s Opinion: Loftus’s breakthrough is importance because it had opened the minds of judges and courts worldwide. A person who’s not guilty should never be found guilty. Nobody in the court should be trusted. A person’s intentions (bad/good) can never be analyzed. Therefore eyewitness testimony should never be the number one priority to judge a person’s crime.

V. The final breakthrough is brought to us by Robert Epstein who captured creativity in July 1996. Where does creativity come from? This mystery has been taken much out of creativity by the demonstration of the creative process. Epstein proved that creativity is predictable and such theory is now used by parents and teachers worldwide.

"What we learned is that creativity is not something mystical; it's an extension of what you already know. I have devised four techniques to boost creativity: 1) Capturing. New ideas are like rabbits. If you don't grab them quickly, they're usually gone forever; 2) Challenging. Put yourself in difficult situations in which you're likely to fail to some extent; 3) Broadening. The more training you have and the more diverse that training is, the greater the potential for creative output; and 4) Surrounding. Surround yourself with diverse stimuli--and, even more importantly, change those stimuli regularly."

Nita’s Opinion: I believe that the importance of creativity is equivalent to the importance of learning. Out of all the other nine breakthroughs, I’ve found this breakthrough the most fascinating. The younger generation is as important as today’s generation; now that we know how creativity is formed; we can plan and rely on the minds of the younger generation for new inventions, developments, and discoveries. Parents and teachers should rely on Epstein’s theory to exceed their children’s creativity. Therefore, daydreaming should have an appropriate limitation but creativity should be allowed to exceed.

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Psychology as a Science

What is the Scientific Method?
Why do psychologists use this method?
Do you think that psychology is a science? –explain.

1. The Scientific Method: Methods which involve ‘how observations are made and how theories are assessed based on natural sciences of physics, chemical, and biology.

Idea à theory à hypothesis à experimental testing à support or refute of theory

2. Psychology is empirical therefore; psychologists use this method because it is the most efficient and organized way to observe behaviors or interaction of a victim without triggering his or her reactivity.

3. I strongly believe that psychology is a science. The way a psychological theory is approached is exactly the same way scientists approaches for lab reports and so fourth. A scientist and a psychologist both search for answers of the present’s question, not the histories. Both are researchers, both have to come up with theories, hypothesis, and go through testing as well as the support or refute of theory. Psychology is a branch of science.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Why Psychology?

"Psychology is an academic and applied field involving the study of the human mind, brain, and behavior. Psychology also refers to the application of such knowledge to various spheres of human activity, including problems of individuals' daily lives and the treatment of mental illness."-Wikipedia

The reason i'm taking psychology is explained between the lines of the definition i've given you above. Besides from the reason that it was my dad's suggestion, the reason i'm taking because i personally believe that it is the base of communication. In my world, teamwork, leadership, partnership, or in otherwords understanding must be taken seriously in order to be able to have a successful career or connection for the future; the study of understanding human, brain, and behavior is psychology. On the other hand, I'm interested in Sigmund Froid's way of thinking, he's the first cocaine-addict i actually know who has reasons. But over all, I really want to be able to understand why people do such outrageous things, how they make the decisions one may make. I want to be able to predict a person's thoughts by their behaviors. I want to be able to look inside other people's mind.

Welcome to My World.

Name: (Nita) Vinita T.
Sex: F

Birthday: October 22.1989 *presents please. . .
Birthplace: Bangkok, City of Angels.
Current Location: Same as above.
Education: High School (RIS)

Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: It changes every three months *thanks to L’Oreal.
Height: 170cm
Right Handed or Left Handed: Right Handed
Fears: Becoming invisible.


First Thought Waking Up: My boyfriend
Your best Physical Features: My legs. Lol~
Languages: English, Thai, Lil bit of French.

MacDonalds/ Burger King: Mac Ds please. Supersize Me.
Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate
Tea/Coffee: Starbucks. Café Mocha si’l vous plait.
Beach/Mt.: Definitely the beach.
Do you Sing? In my shower..apparently yes.

Music Genres: Alternative-rock, R&B, Hip-Hop
Song:"Amber+Drugstore Cowgirl"-311. "Frontin'"-Pharell ft.Snoop Dog "Again"-Lenny Kravitz.
Movie: Sin City, Big Fish, Pirates of the Caribbean, Cruel Intentions, The Fast and the Furious, Memoirs of a Geisha.
Actor: Johnny Debb
Clothing Line: Guess, Baby Phat, Gucci *handbags
Ice-cream: Anything from Haiigendaiz
Band/Singer: Lenny Kravitz, 311,Nelly,Kanye West, T.I.
Book: The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood, The Alchemist by Paul Coelho